Garage Museum of Contemporary Art: Garage Digital grant program in support of artists


Garage Digital grant program aims to support and develop projects, artworks, and theoretical research driven by an interest in new technologies and media.

Entitled New Research Practices, the launch grant program focuses on the impact of technologies on the methods and subject of artistic research. What forms does research take in the technology-rich present? To what extent does such a present determine its the subject of research and influence its means of representation? What is artistic research today? What distinguishes the knowledge it produces from scientific knowledge, and can they intersect and supplement one another? Can speculative research influence the solving of contemporary problems, and what tasks does it address?

The 2019/2020 Garage Digital program will support five projects investigating various aspects of new technologies as part of everyday life and artistic practices: algorithms, artificial intelligence, the Internet, big data, game mechanics and simulations, augmented and mixed reality, advanced production technologies, digital infrastructure, and digital landscapes. Projects can take the form of a website of any other digital medium that can be presented online.

Application deadline: February 3, 2020


Garage invites individual artists and creative collectives with Russian citizenship to take part in the program.



Terms and conditions:

—Five winners

—Each winner is awarded 60,000 rubles

—Each winner also gets up to 250,000 rubles to cover production costs

—Final projects will be published on the Garage Digital platform

Applications must include:

—Artist/group CV and portfolio

—Description of the project

—Detailed budget for the project


To apply, visit:



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