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PHOTO: Danish artist Ebbe Stub Wittrup takes over Gammel Holtegaard with the largest exhibition of his photographic works to date. Stub Wittrup’s works focus on phenomena that cannot actually be photographed, questioning what we think we see and reminding us that there is more to life than we can register, understand and explain.

In the exhibition Photograph at Gammel Holtegaard, Ebbe Stub Wittrup investigates the relationship between photography, illusion and reality against the historical backdrop of the manor’s galleries. The artist’s powerful, conceptual works evoke the spirit of the space and the baroque’s penchant for dramatical staging, sensuousness, and conjuring tricks.

The exhibition at Gammel Holtegaard is presented in collaboration with Copenhagen Contemporary in Copenhagen. The two art institutions will be showing solo shows of Ebbe Stub Wittrup at the same time. While the exhibition at Gammel Holtegaard is based on Stub Wittrup’s photographic work, Copenhagen Contemporary shows sculptural and installation works. The two exhibitions will give visitors a unique opportunity to experience a broad selection of Stub Wittrup’s practice from his photographic works to new site-specific installations.

Gammel Holtegaard

Attemosevej 170

2840 Holte, Denmark


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