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“Backlighting: The Twins Sampling” attempts to describe in a new way and perspective the common inner experience and creation direction of young artists in the Pearl River Delta Region. Guangzhou and Hong Kong, two cities with more artistic and ecological backgrounds, are treated as containers. By means of sample observations Cut in, selected Chen Dan flute, Feng Huo, Kuang Zhenxi, Tang Dayao, Deng Guoqian and Li Zhuohua six artists/combinations of works.

As a perspective, “Backlighting” is due to the intense direct sunlight in the Pearl River Delta region. The patchwork of light and shade formed in nature and town shapes the urban landscape, human visual experience and life style. Today, it further extends to “artificial backlighting” in post-modern situations caused by urban lights, smart devices, digital screens and the like. From the richness of “sunshine” constructed by Guangdong artists in the “Backlighting” to the “national model” in the 1970s by artists in Guangdong Province, the working methods of the contemporary Pearl River Delta enlarging the “vision” of daily life from a reverse or multiple perspectives, It not only creates a new sense of depth in history, but also contains some spiritual traits of “opposite”.

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