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An exhibition that brings together the founders of the Conceptual and Minimalist movements developed in the United States during the 1960s. Through the early works of four renowned artists ––Dan Flavin and his fluorescent tubes; the conceptual visions of Sol LeWitt, with his objects, designs and wall drawings; the subtle delimitation of space practiced by Fred Sandback and the videos and neon pieces of Bruce Nauman — Minimalism and Conceptualism is a testimony to the lasting and decisive influence that these movements excerted on contemporary art. The exhibition also includes a piece by Dan Graham: a Pavilion specially designed for the front of the Proa building; the first piece of the artist in our country. A remarkable event. Giving precedence to the idea rather than to the material execution, all these works draw the spectator in order to challenge the perception of the space that surrounds us.

Dan Flavin – Dan Graham – Sol LeWitt -Bruce Nauman – Fred Sandback

Curator: Katharine J. Wright

Fundación Proa

Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1929

La Boca, Caminito [C1169AAD]

Buenos Aires


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