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The exhibition highlights the importance of toys, games, sports and participatory proposals in the inspiration and imaginary of Argentine artists. Integrating the work of filmmakers from different generations and aesthetic backgrounds, it offers an unusual look at the quantity and variety of historical and contemporary productions that highlight the value of playfulness as a tool for creation and reflection.

From the games invented by Xul Solar to today’s video games, including signature toys, “retro” and nostalgic registers, sports confrontations, art for experimentation, appropriations of commercial games, playful robotics and the construction of masquerades in social networks, the works presented in the exhibition invite us to pay attention to a consistent yet little noticed line of national artistic production.

The exhibition begins with a work specially created by Daniel Joglar from the vast world of childhood toys. It continues with the works of almost a hundred artists who at some point in their careers, or for a long period of time, have made games and their effects the axis of an approach to their time or their context. There are authors who resort to them to question the supposed seriousness of art, others to open new aesthetic paths, others to reflect on the social place of playfulness, others to appeal to the emotional memory of the spectator. There are some complacent glances towards them, but also some ironic or highly critical ones. The same happens in the section dedicated to sports, where issues such as competition, exigency or exitism are put under the spotlight. Finally, the last sector of the exhibition is immersed in new technologies, electronics and social networks. Here the focus is on interactive art, which promotes participation and is especially linked to the devices that make up the technical ecosystem in which we live.

The selection of works includes the most varied media: painting, sculpture, installation, photography, video, objects, interactive art. The exhibition will be complemented by a program of activities for the most diverse audiences that will take place throughout the summer.

Curated by: Rodrigo Alonso

Fundación PROA

Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1929 y Caminito

Buenos Aires, Argentina


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