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This exhibition dedicated to the work of Eamonn Doyle (Dublin, 1969) explores the most recent work of this Irish photographer, known for his «Dublin Trilogy». The exhibition includes the artist’s personal vision of the Irish capital – the drama and the pace of life of the city, its light, its feel and its inhabitants – and also the series known as «K», which includes images of ghostly figures taken on the west coast of Ireland and in the Extremaduran landscape. In this way, «K» transforms itself into a conceptual series that searches for the forces that live inside us, as well as being a struggle to understand death, love and the vital elements that connect all things. With this series, Fundación MAPFRE keeps up its practice of promoting the production of specific works in Spain by contemporary photographers.

Curator: Niall Sweeney

Image: Eamonn Doyle. i (series), no. 36, 2013 © Eamonn Doyle, courtesy Michael Hoppen Gallery

Fundación MAPFRE

Barbara de Braganza, 13

28004 Madrid



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