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Albert Renger-Patzsch
Cristalería [Gläser], 1926-1927
17,1 × 22,9 cm. Galerie Berinson, Berlín © Albert Renger-Patzsch / Archiv Ann und Jürgen Wilde, Zülpich / VEGAP, Madrid 2017

Albert Renger-Patzsch (Würzburg, 1897 – Wamel, 1966) is considered to be one of the 20th century’s most influential photographers. He was one of the leading representatives of the German New Objectivity, an artistic movement that emerged after the end of World War I, and which in general terms, and as a reaction against the Expressionism that preceded it, strove to represent the world in the most objective way possible. With 185 photographs and documentary material, it is one of the most extensive retrospectives of his work undertaken to date.


Fundación MAPFRE Recoletos exhibition hall

Paseo de Recoletos 23,

28004Madrid | Spain



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