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JULIO GONZÁLEZ – Drawings, Papers and Figures from the IVAM Collection

The IVAM (Institut Valencià d’Art Modern) is marking its thirtieth year with an exhibition of work by Julio González (Barcelona, 1876–Arcueil, France, 1942) at the Fundació Vila Casas Espais Volart with the aim of illustrating the extent to which this notable artist has affected our way of seeing and understanding artistic creation.

Curated by J. F. Yvars, professor, art historian and ex-director of the IVAM, the show is a selection of some seventy drawings and four sculptures from the museum’s collection of over four-hundred pieces.  The aim of the exhibition is to capture the small details and showcase the artist’s delicate drawing, forming an ensemble which allows us to discover a more authentic Julio González; an artist who sought out and encountered new ways of expressing the disruption and audacity of his age.  Complemented by a small selection of sculptures, including Lencaputxat (1935) and Lhome cactus II (1939-40), this intense and exquisite show reveals a line of development starting from the artist’s conceptual beginnings and which culminates in the materialisation of his sculpture.



Calle Ausiàs Marc, 20, Pral.

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