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Fundació Suñol: Intersecting memories. Collections as a territory for creation.

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Dates: 29 September 2022 – 14 January 2023

Curator: Glòria Picazo

This project, curated by Glòria Picazo, presents the different agents and aspects that together comprise the ecosystem of art are brought into relation; from the role of the art institution to that of the collector, to the collection as an asset, to culture in general as a value added to the task of the institution; to the currently unavoidable question of the system’s environmental impact. All of these factors are called into view through specific interventions by different artists.

The exhibition is accompanied by a public program that will spread throughout Barcelona through collaboration with the city’s leading cultural institutions.

Artists: Elena Asins, Josep Guinovart, Asunción Molinos, Joana Moll, Antònia del Río, Pablo Palazuelo, Arnau Sala Saez, Susana Solano, Julia Spínola, Pep Vidal, Oriol Vilanova.

OPENING: Thursday, September 29 at 7:00 p.m.

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