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The word-game that names this exhibition can be seen as a starting point to situate Marc Larré (Barcelona, 1978) and his artistic investigations. His work puts disciplinary logics upside-down: photography refers to sculpture and sculpture takes the typical qualities of the photographic media. This reversal mechanism allows for a thorough exploration of fundamental issues related to the image. Larré goes beyond understanding the photographic fact as a document or representation, in order to emphasize its objectual dimension.

By revisiting the technical and disciplinary options of photography and sculpture, the artist outlines the naked object as a central element of the creative act and at the same time he adds a whole new layer of meanings based on the experience of the event to it: the action takes shape in matter and space. At Nivell Zero’s exhibition, this is manifested through a particular component: clay. Larré works this material as if it was a sensitive plate where to pour the semantic field proper to the use and consumption of photography.

Fundació Suñol 
Passeig de Gràcia 98
08008 Barcelona  | Spain



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