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Interregnum draws inspiration from the sense of cosmic horror to transform the Espai 13 into a room of strangeness, imbuing visitors with a feeling of helplessness when they encounter the composite of invasive, jealous, conflicting forces arising from the powers that surround them and from their own psyches. The exhibition seeks to address the boundaries of what is human, allowing us to glean a spectral, intermediate, nebulous, terrifying universe in which humanity has been removed.

Cosmic horror or supernatural terror feeds on our inability to grasp the unfathomable, the infinite. The human mind is overwhelmed by cosmic immensity, by the monstrosity of beings we cannot even imagine because they transcend the boundaries of our understanding, unknown and radically different. Reason, overpowered by forces beyond its control, rambles between sadness, longing, fear and obsession.

“A Monster Who Tells the Truth”

Our knowledge and understanding of every aspect of existence have gradually evolved over the course of history. According to the philosopher Michel Foucault, one of the ways of controlling this knowledge is to divide it into disciplines, veritable structures of power that establish the limits of truth at any given moment in time.

The artists featured in this series question and push at the boundaries between disciplines in order to reflect on the dynamics of power that affect knowledge. Thus, art is presented as a powerful monster capable of pointing to the weak points in these boundaries: a monster who tells the truth or, at the very least, who points to the person telling it.

Espai 13 is a pioneering space that hosts projects by emerging artists and freelance curators. Since 1978 it has produced shows of over 500 artists curated by young professionals keen to cut their teeth in a public exhibition space that has been a launch pad for artists, curators and cultural managers.

Fundació Joan Miró

Parc de Montjuïc

08038 Barcelona



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