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With around 4'000 works at its disposal the Zentrum Paul Klee has the most significant collection of paintings, aquarelles and drawings world-wide and includes archive and biographical material from all the periods of Paul Klee’s work. A principal task of the Zentrum Paul Klee is to ensure that the artistic, pedagogic and theoretical work of Paul Klee as well as its significance within the cultural and social context of its time, is scientifically developed and communicated through different channels and media. By posing topical questions, new scientific interpretations and innovative forms of communication, the Zentrum Paul Klee aims to bring Paul Klee’s artistic potential into the present. Visitors are able to gather stimulating experiences and discoveries. This should motivate to a more intense understanding of Klee’s work and personality, artistic insight in general and to each individual’s cultural life.

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Monument im Fruchtland 3 Bern P.O. Box 3000 Switzerland.

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