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The William G. Congdon Foundation was established in 1980 by William Congdon’s express will to entrust to a Foundation his artistic legacy with the following purposes: To promote the professional and educational advantage of individuals interested in the arts. To develop educational programs that foster understanding and appreciation of the arts. To collect and disseminate educational information that promotes understanding of the arts. To assist aspiring and established artists, both in the United States and abroad, in their individual pursuit of greater knowledge and understanding of the arts. To exercise all the powers conferred upon corporations formed under the District of Columbia Nonprofit Corporation Act, including but not limited to the power to accept donations of money or property, whether real or personal, or any interest therein, wherever situated.

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Viale Lombardia, qo Buccinasco MI 20090 Italy.

info@congdonfoundation.com   www.congdonfoundation.com

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