Surrounded by the deep forest, beautiful gardens, meadows and dune, a beautiful yet mesmerizing structured building privately owned by Joop Van Caldenborgh and opened as Voorlinden museum in Wassenaar, Netherland. This art museum was founded on September 10th, 2016 by Willem Alexander, King of Netherlands.

The museum has spectacular outlook and mesmerizing architecture, which enhances the beauty of Voorlinden a lot. The 6,000 sq. meter wide pavilion hastemporary and permanent exhibitions. The visitors are often said to acknowledge the overall collection of art, sculptures, photographs and carefully carved and maintained garden. The Voorlinden Museum even has a restaurant for the visitors to catch up on snacks, tea, or even lunch without paying for the museum ticket. The restaurant still preserved in its original outlook which was built in late 1912. The visitors often take a walk in the surrounding forest through the dunes, which enriches their experience of the visit to this suburban art museum. The Voorlinden museum itself is an artistically designed structure, which further enhances the beauty of the existing art. The building is constructed with sand-colored stones, which leaves a positive and elegant vibe. The interiors and furnishing are carefully selected to match the program of the museum, hence, ithelps in bringing the contemporary art to life. Along with different exhibitions, the place has its own library with 40,000 art titles, a restoration studio and a museum shop.

The museum itself has multiple running exhibitions along with few collection of permeant art. The stunning and beautiful museum holds modern and contemporary art from the 20th century.


The selected permanent art collection in the Voorlinden museum is worth paying a visit.

1.Sky space:
The Sky Space was designed by James Turrell, exclusively for Voorlinden Museum. The sky Space is a space with a hole in the roof top, from where the visitors can witness another aspect of air.

2.Couple under an umbrella:
Visitors can stand, sit or get themselves photographs with the Ron Mueck’s designed couples under an umbrella

3.Swimming Pool:
An exclusive Voorlinden art, created by Leandro Erlich’s is a famous The Swimming Pool illusion. The pool allows the visitors look into a full (illusion) swimming pool through which they can witness other visitors under theseemingly full swimming pool.

4.Magical sculptures:
Another attraction of the permanent collection of Voorlinden Museum are the magical sculptures, which were artistically designed by Roni Horn.

5.Open Ended:
Richard Serra, an American artist designed the open-ended sculptures in the year 2007-2008.

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Buurtweg 90 Wassenaar 2244 AG the Netherlands.

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