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Teiger Foundation supports contemporary visual art with a primary focus on curators. It honors the vision of founder David Teiger, who, in his lifetime, championed professionals who pursued their own paths in making exhibitions, leading organizations, conducting research, and pursuing other aspects of curatorial practice. In dialogue with artists and other art workers, curators are thinkers and leaders who play multiple and changing roles in their organizations and communities. Teiger Foundation’s goal is to support these activities and their continued reinvention. Acknowledging uncertainty, fear, and loss in a time of enormous change, Teiger Foundation is committed to experimentation and creativity in exhibitions and programs; widely varied, innovative curatorial research and partnerships; and new perspectives on community-building and positive structural change within the field of visual art. Teiger Foundation affirms the importance of visual art and experimental practice to culture and society at large, and therefore positions its work in support of racial justice and against white supremacy, in support of free expression, and towards an equitable transition from fossil fuels amidst the climate crisis

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195 Chrystie Street Suite 809G New York NY 10002 .

info@teigerfoundation.org   https://teigerfoundation.org

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