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The Foundation aims to promote knowledge and appreciation of the visual arts to the general public, as well as to provide services, facilities and support programs for both education and contemporary art. In particular, its objectives include: To research, cultivate and develop the arts and sciences. To strive for cooperation in the fields of art and science, through mutual pursuits and expressions amongst people serving in these fields, by setting up meetings for them on the institution’s premises, as well as by organizing and conducting training programs and seminars inside and outside the Foundation, both in Greece and abroad. Schools, educational institutions and artistic organizations of all kinds can visit the Takis Foundation. To create and provide museum material, as well as the publication and distribution of educational material related to art. To promote and disseminate Greek art and science through the organization of exhibitions, meetings, seminars and other events in venues of other foundations and entities in Greece, but also in Europe and in America. To grant scholarships to young artists, self-taught or not. To provide restorations for Takis’ past projects, and to issue certificates of authenticity for the artist’s works of art.

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Dervenakion Terma Gerovouno Athens GR-13451 Greece.

contact@takisfoundation.org   https://takisfoundation.org/

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You can also find them on our Foundation’s Worldwide Map.

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