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Established in 1996, the Foundation was created to safeguard paintings by the artist, Paul de Vilder (1941) and to manage, lend, or as was his wish, offer a space for his work to a larger audience.

He amassed quite the Old Master art collection during his lifetime, most especially with works of the Haarlem mannerists. In fact, some of the paintings are presently on loan to the Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem and the Central Museum in Utrecht. The idea is also to manage and loan out these paintings, etchings and engravings to a much wider and larger public.

‘Domaine de Boutaric’ is a country home whose doors are open to artists and scientists alike so that they may work in peace and tranquility for an agreed-upon length of time. Retreats, workshops focused on quiet introspection, or even more specific groups like ‘doctors without borders’ who are on leave in Europe are all welcome.

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Van NIjenrodeweg 735 Amsterdam 1082 JE The Netherlands.


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