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From the beginning, when we decided that we wanted to make Roppongi Hills a model for future developments in urban planning, we decided to create a new museum where the best in contemporary art and architecture would be shown. The Museum opened in October 2003 at the top of the central Mori Tower - a place visible from throughout Tokyo. The Mori Art Museum strives to be a place for enjoyment, stimulation and discussion - a place where what is important in our culture and society is openly debated, not only through the exhibitions that are shown there but also through a wide range of Learning programs. It engages an audience ranging from young school children to students and senior citizens, from people living in the local community to the whole region and around the world. Our location in Japan and East Asia is important and we consider it one of our missions to become a platform for artists from this region. Since opening the Museum has received high critical acclaim for its wide variety of original exhibitions, many of which have been organized around universal themes. We look forward to continuing this work, and bridging the best art of our times and Tokyo’s many residents and visitors. Mori Minoru, Founder, Mori Art Museum Mori Yoshiko, Chairperson, Mori Art Museum In today’s increasingly global world, the intercommunication of people and information gives us the opportunity to learn deeply from the cultures and histories of other places, and to celebrate new, more diverse ways of living. In this environment, there is a growing role for art as a rich source of new value creation, and for its adjoining creative activities. As a contemporary art museum with a global outlook, the Mori Art Museum is committed to presenting cutting-edge visual arts, architecture, design and other modes of creative practice from around the world, from a unique viewpoint informed by its ongoing dedication to the “contemporary” and “international.” The Museum plays an especially vital role as a center for contemporary art from Japan and the wider Asia-Pacific, by focusing on the art of the region, decoding individual cultural backgrounds and positioning emerging trends within a broader global context. Last but not least, the Mori Art Museum is committed to the principle of “Art + Life,” encouraging to realize an enriched, vibrant and well-rounded society where art relates to all aspects of life.

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Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku Tokyo Japan.

pr@mori.art.museum   https://www.mori.art.museum/en/

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