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Established in Morocco since 2009, the Montresso* Art Foundation is a hybrid place that aims to support creation and promote the diversity of fields of the current artistic research. Through its art residence Jardin Rouge, its art space and off-site actions, the Montresso* Art Foundation is committed alongside the artists to promote a multiple approach that transcends borders and norms.

The balance between a place of creation and a place of promotion reflects the singularity of the place, offering artists in residence the possibility of a long-term exposure and of meeting a public of collectors and art critics. Through its two exhibition spaces, the Salle des Casques and the Montresso* Art Space the foundation develops and exhibits multiple projects, the diversity of which reflects its lasting commitment to the artists it accompanies. In order to promote the work carried out within its walls, five residency shows are organised each year as well as several larger-scale programmes, including IN-DISCIPLINE.

The main idea is to encourage encounters between the different pictorial and intellectual approaches.
Arts and culture play a vital role in a changing contemporary society. By affirming another dimension of the present, art allows the individual to be moved, to identify and query himself.

Because artists question relationships with the world and open up unprecedented perspectives, the Montresso* Art Foundation must ensure its commitment to ART.

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Marrakesh Morocco.

info@montresso.com   http://montresso.com/en/

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