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The Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst has supported the production, exhibition and collection of international contemporary art since 1996. It presents temporary solo and group exhibitions, as well as works from its own collection, on two floors. An internationally renowned museum, it sees itself as a dynamic location for contemporary art, a mission to which its comprehensive art education and event programs contribute as well. For its exhibitions, the museum focuses on large-scale productions in close cooperation with the artists. ‘Contemporary art’ is conceived as a dynamic temporal classification that encompasses an ongoing exploration between looking forwards and looking back. At the same time, the term implies integration into a social context, as well as involvement in an ongoing exchange of ideas and in art production. The exhibitions at the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst frame art history as a dynamic process that is open to scrutiny, revision, and variation. Incorporating the collection into a lively environment that is in contact with, and promotes, contemporary art production and addresses an open-minded audience is another objective of the museum.

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Limmatstrasse 270 Zurich 8005 Switzerland.

info@migrosmuseum.ch   https://www.migrosmuseum.ch/de/

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