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The Luma Foundation’s exhibition spaces Luma Westbau and schwarzescafé are part of the refurbished and expanded Löwenbräukunst art complex in Zurich. Luma Westbau opened in 2013, presenting international projects, exhibitions and events commissioned and produced by the Luma Foundation. In 2004, Maja Hoffmann created the Luma Foundation in Switzerland to support the activities of artists, independent pioneers, and organizations working in the visual and performing arts, photography, publishing, documentary film-making, and multimedia. The Foundation produces, supports, and enables challenging art projects committed to an expansive understanding of environmental issues, human rights, education, and culture.

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Löwenbraukunst Limmatstrasse 270 Zürich CH 8005 Switzerland.

info@westbau.com   http://www.westbau.com

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