Founded by Chinese couple collectors, Mr. Liu Yiqian and his wife, Ms. Wang Wei, the Long Museum owns two huge places for exhibition and related functions: Long Museum Pudong and Long Museum West Bund. Located respectively in Pudong New Area and Binjiang, Xuhui District, they constitute a unique ecosystem of art in Shanghai: “One City, Two Museums.” The Long Museum Chongqing was officially opened to the public on May 26th, 2016. As the largest private institution of collection in China, the Long Museum boasts of the richest collection nationwide.

As world-renowned art collectors, Liu and Wang’s collection is systematically large, covering traditional Chinese art, modern and contemporary Chinese art, “red classics” as well as contemporary art of Asia and Europe. Based on their private collections, the Long Museum is devoted not only to professional art exhibitions, researches, and collections but also to the promotion of cultural education in public. It aims to take up the responsibility of propelling continuous development and inheritance of art; focuses on the contrastive display and study of art, Western and Eastern,ancient and contemporary, while strengthening its local cultural roots;presents the diversity of visual art from a global perspective; systematically showcases the splendid achievements of Chinese art as well as the vitality of contemporary art all over the world; and eventually forges itself into a world-class private museum.

Drawing on the management experience of national and international museums while based on its own needs, Long Museum is divided into ten departments: Curatorial and Research, Exhibition, Education, Collection and Exhibition,Marketing,Business Development,Art Shop,Human Resources,Financial and Director’s Office. This division is to ensure the smooth operation of the Museum and provide professional services for art lovers. 

Ms. Wang Wei, co-founder of the Museum, is the general director. Among the academic advisors of the Long Museum are Chen Lvsheng, Vice Director of the National Museum of China; Wang Huangsheng, the Director of the Art Museum of China Central Academy of Fine Arts and Zhao Li, a professor of China Central Academy of Fine Arts. These experts and scholars will offer suggestions and support regarding the operation and development of the Museum.

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3398 Longteng Avenue Shanghai Xuhui District China.

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