La Maison Rouge – Fondation Antoine de Galbert is a registered non-profit contemporary art foundation, in Paris, France. It was created in 2004 at the behest of Antoine de Galbert, an active figure and an art collector in the French art scene. Its mission is to encourage contemporary creation through a program of temporary exhibitions, organized by independent curators. The foundation aims to diversify attitudes and perceptions to modern creation. Also, by opting to call his organization a house, Antoine de Galbert aspires to instill the notion of private and domestic space into a public venue for modern art.

The La Maison Rouge Art Foundation stretches over 2,000 square meters on the site of a vacant factory constructed around a house. The venue is divided into four exhibition areas of 1.3K square meters encircling the house. It is the red house, or Maison rouge, from which the space takes its name. The architect Jean-Yves Clément was licensed to restitute the buildings and for the museology. A profound feature of the project was to preserve the building’s industrial past. Hence the glass roofs and original proportions were preserved. The interior design of the reception areas is the creation of the artist Jean-Michel Alberola.

The Art Foundation Antoine de Galbert is a registered foundation and is acknowledged to be of public utility or reconnue d’utilité publique . It is a corporate body under private law, established following the irreversible endowment of property for the maintenance of a public, not-for-profit program. The foundation organizes three to six exhibitions a year in typical cycles from February to May, June to September and October to January. Also, solo events alternate with thematic shows alongside frequent exhibitions of major international collections. Moreover, for each of the collections it exhibits, La Maison Rouge publishes a string of books, entitled privées, in conjunction with the publisher, Fage editions

Furthermore, concurrently with each exhibition cycle, Art Foundation Antoine de Galbert organizes symposiums, talks, and meetings with curators or artists, films and concerts to give a more profound, alternative understanding of the works. Additionally, children have a story-telling afternoon session once a month, and there are guided visits for visitors every weekend.

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52 Rue de Charenton Paris F- 75012 France.

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