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InformationEN-02.jpg Erich Hauser (1930-2004) was a famous international sculptor. As a member of the „Akademie der Künste“ (Academy of Arts) in Berlin, recipient of international art awards and a visiting lecturer at different art academies, Erich Hauser always remained faithful to his native region. In 1996 he established the art foundation Erich Hauser. The foundation now manages Erich Hauser’s former living and working area, encompassing a sculpture park of around 40.000 square meters and multiple buildings, a museum of his collection of paintings, a pyramid and a workshop hall. The art foundation was established with the intention to maintain the complete ensemble of art, architecture and nature formed by Hauser for the public, to make it accessible and to use it to support young artists. His once private living and working area has turned into an artistic centre, which is well-regarded locally, nationally and internationally. The foundation’s programme is multifaceted and encompasses several on-going initiatives.

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Saline 36 Rottweil D-78628 Germany.

kunststiftung.erichhauser@t-online.de   http://www.erichhauser.de

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