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The Kulturstiftung Basel H. Geiger was founded in 2018 by the artist and philanthropist Sibylle Piermattei-Geiger (1930-2020), together with her husband Rocco Piermattei. The foundation is named after the Swiss pharmacist and entrepreneur Hermann Geiger (1870-1962), grandfather of the founder. Sibylle Piermattei-Geiger, who only became an heiress late and at an advanced age, was not simply a patron of the arts, but throughout her life an independent, unconventional, and cosmopolitan woman who embraced culture and people. It was established to provide the City of Basel with an innovative and unique platform for art and artists. The Foundation’s aim is to create a place whit ample room for creativity and provide a space to present exhibitions, which go beyond the concepts of established institutions. The intention is to create a cultural programme, that appeals to people without hesitation, drawing them into experiencing art in a different way each time they visit. Admission is free for all exhibitions. In addition, the Basel H. Geiger Cultural Foundation will produce an elaborate catalogue for each show, which is free of charge for visitors, hence allowing them to take a piece of each exhibition home with them. The objective of the Kulturstiftung Basel H. Geiger is to be established alongside great museums, exhibition venues and galleries in Basel, complementing and expanding cultural life, without competing with existing institutions. The Foundation is convinced, that Basel has an enthusiastic, broad-minded, and culturally inclined public, with the ability to appreciate the Foundation's contribution to an already rich and varied cultural programme.

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Spitalstrasse18 Basel 4056 Switzerland.


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