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The B7L9 is the first art station in Tunis located in a rural suburb that offers a full annual programme of artistic and cultural events accessible free of charge to all. As the first permanent location of the Kamel Lazaar Foundation, the B7L9 is a tool that promotes the implementation of the foundation's missions and actions to, on one hand: - to provide a place for artists to experiment, develop and exhibit their practice, or conduct research - to provide the artistic and scientific community with a place for exchange, sharing, meetings and debates to explore new ideas and concepts - to experiment and create new networks and new ways of collaboration between different communities And, on another hand - democratize contemporary art and cultural provision in general by encouraging guest artists to interact with local communities through workshops, seminars, events or outreach programmes - to reinforce social cohesion by promoting the plurality of speakers (artists, thinkers, citizens, researchers, etc.) and therefore cultural diversity and the mixing of audiences - contribute to the integration of populations of foreign origin - Bhar Lazreg has a large population from sub-Saharan Africa. - creating social and economic impact in disadvantaged areas through art and culture - changing the relationship between centre and periphery, regional and international to trigger an intercultural dialogue with local and global institutions and actors

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Lira Building, Rue de lIle de Malte, Les Jardins du Lac, Les Berges du Lac 2, Tunis 1053 Tunisia.

contact-tunis@kamellazaarfoundation.org   www.kamellazaarfoundation.org

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