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Jerwood Foundation is part of a family of philanthropic organisations, including Jerwood Charity and Jerwood Space, which are united in a commitment to support, nurture and reward excellence and dedication in the visual and performing arts in the UK. Since 1991 Jerwood has channelled over £108 million in capital and revenue funding in support of the arts.

Jerwood Foundation registered as a UK charity in January 2022 and owns the Jerwood Collection of 20th and 21st century British art, which is available for display in the public domain. The first work was bought for the Jerwood Collection in 1993 and it continues to grow with new acquisitions and donations with the purpose of giving public access to a privately-owned collection and enhancing the enjoyment and understanding of this period of British art.

The Foundation welcomes applications for funding for capital and revenue support for the arts in the UK, particularly with a focus on working with our Collection and making art available for public benefit.

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