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The Generali Foundation represents an effort in cultural and social responsibility that has remained largely unparalleled in Austria and even internationally: a corporation has lent sustained support for more than two decades to the creation of an accentuated and thematically focused collection of art and moreover backed and frequently initiated a critical discourse that has addressed not only artistic and art-theoretical concerns but also social and political agendas. (Non-profit Art Association to foster Contemporary Visual Arts ZVR 37584688) The Generali Foundation was founded in 1988 as a non-profit art association supported by the Generali Group, Austria. Its purpose is to support contemporary visual art. The building created for the foundation in 1995 is renowned for its architecture, which reflects a modernist formal language; it is excellently suited to provide for dynamic resonances between the architecture and the Generali Foundation’s exhibition program, which is oriented toward conceptual art in a wider sense.

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Landskrongasse 1-3 Vienna 1010 Austria.

foundation.at@generali.com   http://foundation.generali.at

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