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The Fondazione Mario & Maria Pia Serpone is an open air space for contemporary art in the Roman countryside. Fruit of a passion and patronage for the arts that began in the Serpone family in the early 1800s in Naples, that same spirit continues to thrive today in a new context. Its founders, Mario and Maria Pia Serpone began collecting as teenagers and have continued to foster their love for art and music over the past 60 years.

As natives to Naples, a city that is engulfed by nature in its many forms, their decision to cultivate an outdoor space for art was instinctive. Nature’s impression is echoed in the positioning of the artworks in the permanent collection — aligned with the stars of the Taurus constellation. This cosmic path guides visitors to discover creations by contemporary artists among which Mimmo Paladino, Jannis Kounellis and Bruno Munari.

Born with research, reflection and the dissemination of contemporary art at its core, the Foundation is home to a number of rarities in today’s art scene. One of these is a ‘bottle crash’ by Japanese artist Shozo Shimamoto, an installation that is renewed annually with a performance where guests are encouraged to engage. Another is the Hermann Nitsch Chapel, a space, which the Viennese Actionist brought to life with one of his famous ‘Malaktion”s – a mystical performance experience that has vibrantly left its mark.  

Nestled in the heart of one of Italy’s oldest nature reserves in the Tiber River Valley, the Foundation is a meeting place for all those who celebrate love, freedom, peace and balance in mutual respect of all the forces governing nature. A sanctuary for art, for poetry, for philosophy and for music, where contrasting experiences and varied expectations of art intensify and become more significant, the Fondazione Serpone is a place of convergence and overlapping of different artistic perspectives that celebrate the beauty of nature.

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Fondazione Serpone, Viale Guglielmo Marconi, 5, Torrita Tiberina Rome 00060 Italy.

info@fondazioneserpone.org   https://www.fondazioneserpone.org/

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