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The Nicola Trussardi Foundation is a nomadic museum that commissions, produces, and presents contemporary art exhibitions and interventions across the symbolic sites, public spaces, historic palazzos, and forgotten venues of Milan. The Nicola Trussardi Foundation is a non-profit private institution founded in Milan in 1996 and granted official recognition by the Italian Ministry of the Interior (Gazzetta Ufficiale of July 1, 1999, no. 64, vol. 140). The Foundation’s activity is financially supported not only by its three founders, Beatrice, Maria Luisa and Gaia Trussardi, but also by private patrons that support its mission and embrace its model. On the occasion of specific projects the Foundation also receives sponsorships from corporate companies, institutions and others who act as a partner or a sponsor.

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Piazza E.Duse 4 Milan 20122 Italy.


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