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In 1990 Roberto Memmo, who had always been interested in the forms and expressions of art, established a private foundation, the Fondazione Memmo, of which he became the President, together with 3 vice-presidents: Daniela Memmo d’Amelio, Patrizia Memmo Ruspoli and Claudio Strinati, who at that time was the General Director of the Italian Ministry for Cultural and Artistic Heritage. Due to his passion for beauty and his understanding of the importance of making its values more widespread, he wished to share the creativity of the great masters with a wider public through the contemplation of works that are fundamental for the history of art. At that period very few museums in Italy had a dynamic and active approach, but the time was ripe for creating new private and public spaces for art in several Italian cities, with many of which the foundation would collaborate over the years.

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Via Fontanella Borghese 56b Rome 00186 Italy.


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