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Today the Fondazione Giorgio Cini is an internationally recognized cultural institution which continues to draw inspiration from its original vocation and at the same time plays a leading role as a center for studies and a venue for meetings and debate on current issues. Its academic activities – research projects and events aimed at improving our “knowledge of the world” – continuously interact with thinking on the current political and social scene aimed at promoting multidisciplinary approaches and experimenting with exchanges between forms of knowledge and various scientific and professional cultures. The intention is thus also to provide innovative tools for analysis and comprehension, as well as propitious opportunities for “building a new world.” The Fondazione Giorgio Cini is not only an invaluable store of literary, artistic, musical, and archive treasures, but also a crossroads for cultures and ideas and a place devoted to the quest for truth and the spread of knowledge, thus perpetuating the tradition of the Benedictine abbey and the Island of San Giorgio Maggiore. In line with the policy traced out by its founder, the Foundation has initiated a new strategy for the development of the island through the creation of the Vittore Branca International Center for the Study of Italian Culture.

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Isola di San Giorgio Maggiore Venice 30133 Italy.


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