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The Palazzo Albizzini “Collezione Burri” Foundation was created in 1978 by Alberto Burri himself with a first donation of thirty-two works. Its members are people from the Città di Castello Council, the Cassa di Risparmio di Città di Castello, the Associazione per la Tutela dei Monumenti dell'Alta Valle del Tevere and “La Sapienza” University of Rome. It has been recognised by a decree of the President of the “Giunta Regionale dell'Umbria”, Umbria’s Regional Council. The museum was named after the exposition building itself. The Collection found at Palazzo Albizzini was opened to the public in December 1981 and it includes about a hundred and thirty works completed between 1948 and 1989, chronologically exposed and occupying twenty rooms. Together with the other site, Ex Seccatoi del Tabacco (The Old Tobacco Dryhouses) which opened in July 1990 containing 128 works completed between 1970 and 1993, it is the most exhaustive collection on the artist, with high quality works selected by the painter himself.

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Via Albizzini, 1 Citta di Castello Perugia 06012 Italy.


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