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rt is something that is handed down within the Guillon family. A worthy successor in a long line of art collectors, aesthetes and patrons, Didier Guillon continues the family tradition through the Fondation Valmont, the 4th pillar of Valmont Group dedicated to contemporary art. It began with Charles Sedelmeyer, father of his great-grandmother, a notorious art dealer on the Parisian scene at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. Another Guillon family art figure is Stanislas Lami, Didier Guillon’s great-grandfather and sculptor. Immersed in this world where rarity and beauty reign, Didier Guillon very quickly developed a honed taste for art. His artistic sensibility was fed and forged through visits to art galleries, artists’ workshops and exhibitions, which he attended as a child at his grandfather’s side. It is a passion that runs like a thread through his life, and a torch that Didier Guillon has himself passed on to his three children, Capucine, Maxence and Valentine. This true commitment to creation is now embodied by the Fondation Valmont, the 4th pillar of Valmont Group, an entity in its own right dedicated to collecting works of art and discovering new talent. More than 300 works of art, almost thirty artists and as many talents have been unearthed and supported by the Fondation Valmont. During exhibitions that take place across the globe, Didier Guillon questions mainstream art circuits, tears up the rulebook and assumes the role of curator to reveal and defend a new art scene.

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Palazzo Bonvicini Calle Agnello 2161/a Venice Italy.


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