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Contemporary art with a water theme

Each year, three to four exhibition seasons are organised to showcase the works of the Contemporary Talents, as well as established artists. These exhibitions aimed at a wide audience provide an opportunity to explore the multiple facets of contemporary art.

Over the centuries, numerous poets and writers have put pen to paper to praise its virtues, whilst musicians have composed melodies fuelled by its inspiration, painters have discovered and captured the meanders of lakes, seas and rivers, and artists have used a profusion of techniques to translate its plastic power. Simultaneously sign and symbol, it lies at the heart of myths and religion, with its constantly changing form.

The works acquired over the years bring together renowned figures but also young artists, with the theme of water providing the thread running through the collection.

So water is omnipresent, both in the works on display and in the architecture of the Art Centre itself. Water has always been a source of artistic inspiration. Even in ancient Egypt, an image of undulating water was one of the most commonly used hieroglyphs.

At the instigation of its founder, the Foundation works autonomously to foster the emergence of new talents through two distinct programmes: Scholarships for higher education and the “Contemporary Talents” competition.

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