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The Giacometti Foundation, Paris, has for statutory purposes the protection, dissemination and influence of the work of Alberto Giacometti. It is the universal legatee of Annette Giacometti and as such, owner of the copyright on the work of the artist up to 62.5% and owner of the largest collection in the world of works by Alberto Giacometti.

Its means of action, according to its statutes, are:

  • communication to the public of Alberto Giacometti’s work
  • the organization of monographic and thematic exhibitions in French or foreign museums;
  • the preservation of the archives of the artist and his wife;
  • the establishment of the catalogue raisonné of the authentic work of the artist;
  • the defense of the work by any legal means;
  • the publication of books;
  • the organization or participation in various cultural events;
  • the awarding of prizes and scholarships;
  • and, more generally, any action concerning the enhancement and protection of the work of Alberto Giacometti. 

It organizes the authentication committee of the artist’s works and defends the work in France and abroad.
The statutes of the Giacometti Foundation, Paris were validated by the Ministry of the Interior on December 2, 2003.
It was recognized by public decree of December 10, 2003, signed by the Minister of the Interior and published in the Official Gazette of the Republic on December 11, 2003.

The Institute is the reference place for Giacometti’s work and an art history center which includes exhibitions, research and pedagogy

With a surface area of 350 m2, the Giacometti Institute is located at 5 Rue Victor Schœlcher in the 14th arrondissement, the Montparnasse neighbourhood where Giacometti lived and worked throughout his career.

It is housed within the former studio of artist and interior designer Paul Follot, in a listed heritage building, a private mansion in the art deco style, with decors have been preserved and restored.


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3 bis Cour de Rohan Paris 75006 France.


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