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Assab One is a non-profit organisation founded by Elena Quarestani that aims at providing artists with a non-conventional environment for research and expression. Assab One produces and promotes exhibitions, events, and art projects focusing on initiatives that integrate different languages capable of reaching beyond the art world.

Elena Quarestani

An editor and a journalist in a previous life Elena Quarestani has conceived, developed and edited magazines, encyclopedias and partworks. It was only after her first exhibition in 2002 – considered a one-off event, a rite of passage for a former printing press establishment – that she decided to merge her passion for art and the building that hosted the family business.


Assab One is set in an industrial building that for forty years housed the well-known Milanese printing business GEA, Grafiche Editoriali Ambrosiane. It is here that books, art catalogues and encyclopaedias were printed for some of the biggest publishers in the world: and to ensure continuation to this past it was decided to leave a large part of the structure in its original state, undertaking the refurbishment of a purely conservational nature. The name comes from the street name and number the building is located on, a short walk from the Cimiano underground station in the via Padova neighbourhood. This area is testimony to the many waves of immigration that have taken place, from southern Italy in the post-war period and, more recently, from the Southern Hemisphere.

Assab, the name of an African port, has thus become a symbol of a meeting place where exchanges take place between different individuals, realities and cultures: Assab One, an idyllic, tangible space, open to the neighbourhood and to the city, in constant dialogue with artists and with associated initiatives and institutions in Italy and the world.


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Via Privata Assab, 1 Milano 20132 Itlay.

info@assab-one.org   https://www.assab-one.org

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