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The Alexander Tutsek Stiftung is a non-profit foundation based in Munich that promotes contemporary art and science. It was founded in December 2000 by entrepreneurs Alexander Tutsek and Dr. Eva-Maria Fahrner-Tutsek to share responsibility for the cultural foundations of our society.Her vision is a lively world of art and science that drives social progress and contributes to successful human coexistence. With her commitment and her funding projects, she focuses in particular on neglected, overlooked, or special and special areas in art and science and wants to strengthen them in the long term.



Field of activity: Art



In its internationally oriented exhibition and collection activities, the Alexander Tutsek Foundation focuses on contemporary photography as well as contemporary sculptures and installations using the medium of glass. It regularly shows exhibitions on innovative topics and builds up its continuously growing collection on this basis. The aim is to open up new perspectives on important issues of our time and to give the widest possible audience access to the two media of photography and glass. Purchases in recent years include works by young and internationally renowned artists such as Tony Cragg, Mona Hatoum, Kiki Smith, Robin Rhode, Nan Goldin, Rinko Kawauchi and Robert Rauschenberg.


A central concern of the promotion of young talent in the arts funding area is the improvement of training opportunities for artists who work in the foundation’s key areas. In addition to student exhibition projects, the production of complex works of art is also financed. Together with universities, glass schools and academies, the foundation also works on the further development of training offers and supports the acquisition of adequate technical equipment. For example, the glass class of the Institute for Artistic Ceramics and Glass (IKKG) at the Koblenz University of Applied Sciences received extensive financial support from the foundation over several years, as did the annual exhibition of the glass class of the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and the Rheinbach State Glass School. Equally important for the foundation is the promotion of individual artists who work with glass or in the field of photography. The foundation is dedicated to their further education and their projects in various funding projects such as awarding scholarships for the renowned Pilchuck Glass School in the USA.


Special projects at museums and exhibition centers are funded with long-term funding programmes, support for ambitious exhibition projects and the financing of significant acquisitions. The foundation has been the main sponsor of the Haus der Kunst in Munich since 2016 and, in addition to its ongoing commitment, supports innovative photography exhibitions such as Thomas Struth . For the Photography and New Media collection of the Pinakothek der Moderne, the Foundation financed the purchase of important photographic works, most recently the famous series  The Brown Sisters by Nicholas Nixon, and as the sole sponsor made possible the three-part exhibition series  Photography Today – Artistic Photography in the Digital Age. This gave young artists in the field of photography a unique forum in a museum. The promotion of the C/O Berlin Talent Award, which started in 2020, is also a sign of this, a prize for young photography talents, which includes an exhibition in addition to the prize money.



Field of activity:  Science



In the field of science, the Alexander Tutsek Foundation primarily supports research and teaching in engineering. These use the knowledge gained in the natural sciences for our daily lives and make an important – often overlooked – contribution to the technical progress of society. The focus of the funding measures is on basic and applied research in the fields of glass, ceramics, stone and earth. These subjects, which provide important insights for other areas of engineering, are increasingly being neglected in general funding in favor of “modern” subject areas. Universities and innovative research projects are financially supported so that they do not become a marginal area at the technical universities and to make them more attractive for students. For example, the Alexander Tutsek Foundation has for many years been awarding doctoral grants to promote larger research projects at the Technical University of Dortmund, the Technical University of Bergakademie Freiberg and the University of Koblenz-Landau. It supports the purchase of high-quality equipment and finances other equipment required for teaching.


The promotion of a broad range of young professionals and engineers is an ongoing task for the Alexander Tutsek Foundation. The main aim is to improve training opportunities and give young people financial support to enable them to focus more strongly and sustainably on their training. Foundation funds for training in special professional fields are not only given to students at universities, but also to technical colleges and technical students. Within this framework, the foundation awards large amounts of scholarships and prize money for outstanding achievements and social commitment. At the Technical University of Munich, it has been awarding 30 German scholarships to students in natural sciences every year since 2019.


One Foundation Two Locations

With its exhibition program, accompanying lectures and events, the Alexander Tutsek Foundation is open to a wide audience and sees itself as a platform for interdisciplinary exchange. Its two locations offer an excellent framework for this: the rooms of the villa in the former artists’ quarter of Schwabing have developed into a permanent institution in Munich’s cultural landscape. During the changing exhibitions, the Art Nouveau villa, which once housed a sculptor’s studio, forms an attractive contrast to the contemporary works in the collection. The BlackBox, which will also open in 2021offers an excellent addition with its spacious, modern exhibition rooms. There – in the heart of the newly developed Parkstadt Schwabing district – large-format photographs and expansive sculptures can also be presented.

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