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The history of KAI 10 | ARTHENA FOUNDATION begins with the vision of the Oldenburg entrepreneur Monika Schnetkamp to establish a new and independent space for contemporary art. In 2018 the non-profit Arthena Foundation that she founded along with the exhibition space it supports, KAI 10 in Düsseldorf, celebrated its tenth anniversary. 

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The Foundation promotes the awareness of the works and message of Costantino Nivola as well as sustaining contemporary art in general through exhibitions, research, and cultural activities with the goal of improving local and regional cultural and economic possibilities. The Foundation is responsible for the Museo Nivola and its park; organizes exhibitions, conventions, awards; and makes connections with cultural institutions in Sardinia, Italy, and abroad.

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Philippe Vandenberg Foundation generously keeps the legacy of Philippe Vandenberg mobile. The Foundation operates on a national and international level and has three objectives: to manage the artist’s estate and studio, to facilitate research into his oeuvre and to make his work more accessible in dialogue with artists, researchers, curators and the public.

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