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Fortius – Luxembourg

Fortius Luxembourg – Trusted partner to art foundations and collectors


 Fortius Fine Art Storage & Logistics has recognized expertise in the storage and conservation of artworks for foundations and art collectors worldwide.

Our company, located at the Luxembourg Freeport, became independent from the Natural Le Coultre Group in 2017. We perpetuate the expertise acquired throughout our history and provide very high-quality storage services on a daily basis.

To ensure the highest quality standards, Fortius Fine Art Storage & Logistics employs only reliable, extremely rigorous and specialised staff in their respective areas of expertise. Moreover, our services are carried out with absolute discretion, responsiveness, and availability at all times.

A controlled and ultra-secure storage environment

The facility used by Fortius Fine Art Storage & Logistics is equipped with the latest technology, resulting in a building with a reputation for being impenetrable. 

Strictly limited access to authorised persons, a state-of-the-art video surveillance system that covers every critical area, a dedicated 7/24/356 active guard service and a neutral gas fire-fighting system make us one of the only specialised warehouses with virtually unlimited insurance cover with all major insurance groups.

In addition, we carefully analyse the studies and reports related to the artworks we store in order to provide them with a conservation environment that is perfectly adapted to the proper upkeep of their various components.

The art of logistics in the heart of Europe

Our privileged location atf Luxembourg airport and in the heart of Europe allows us to offer art foundations an ideal place to group their collections. Whether temporarily for an exhibition or for the long term, Fortius  keeps their artworks in a safe place with advantageous logistics.

For departures and arrivals by air, in order to reduce handling risks, we have direct access to the tarmac and handle the artwork from the aircraft to the storage area. Our road transports benefit from the proximity of main routes that connect the Freeport to major European cities in just a few hours.

Fortius is working with all European art carriers to offer groupage transport. This solution is advantageous on several levels, since it allows for the reduction of transport costs, as well as carbon impact.

Available only to WAF’s member foundations for any storage rentals before December 31, 2022.

Additional benefits

As an expert in art heritage management, Fortius offers a range of additional services to limit the hazards resulting from the repeated handling or moving of your collection pieces. 

As soon as your artworks are stored in our facilities, we offer all the services related to art management: 

  • We build customised crates
  • We provide a restoration and photography workshop
  • We organise the logistical arrangements to the exhibition sites
  • We manage all the administrative and customs formalities related to the logistics of your artworks.
  • We organise hangings for private exhibitions or sales in our on-site showrooms

Exclusive tax advantages

Thanks to its location within the Luxembourg Freeport, Fortius allows its clients to benefit from a VAT suspension scheme.

As its name suggests, this regime provides that the VAT due on the purchase of an artwork and on additional services provided by Fortius is suspended as long as collectors, foundations or art dealers are able to prove that the artwork is effectively stored in the free zone. The suspension of VAT can be temporarily upheld for loans and public exhibitions.

Available only to WAF’s member foundations for any storage rentals before December 31, 2022.

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