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Mario Nigro ‘Time & Space’, 1954

Protagonist of the Italian art and of his civil rebirth, starting from the immediate post-war period, Mario Nigro knew how to give life to an abstract, highly personal oeuvre, in which are combined color and structure, rigor and inventiveness. His long creative parable has known a grand wealth of results. Each new cycle of works emerges in the unknown solutions of the compositional, chromatic and spatial, but it has also an absolute consistency that allows you to locate – even in the vary of expression – a basic idea and poetry that remain underlying around his artistic work. This continuity in the diversity and the unique objective to be pursued in changing formal results are consistent for Nigro in the choice of responsibility to enable their work in the story: the need to remain constantly reflective of what was happening around him in the world through the translation into images of that which, in a 1969 interview, he called himself the ‘aesthetic research, as the intimate structure of man’.


Fondazione Ragghianti | Via San Micheletto 3

Lucca | Italy




Photo: Mario Nigro ‘Time & Space :reticular tensions: simultaneities of elements in conflict’, 1954

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