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In the 160 anniversary of the birth of the Master, a great exhibition to discover the relationship between Giacomo Puccini and the artists of his own time, and investigate the influence of the composer and his aesthetic is exerted on the visual arts in Italy between the end of the Nineteenth century and the first decades of the Twentieth century. A search that offers suggestions, insights and many masterpieces. Carried out by the Fondazione Ragghianti and with the support of the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca, in collaboration with the Fondazione Giacomo Puccini, the Centro studi Giacomo Puccini, and the Foundation Simonetta Puccini, Giacomo Puccini, with the staging of the famous set designer Margherita Palli, For dreams and chimeras presents to the public approximately 120 works from major museums and theatres in Italy, supplemented by the valuable records preserved in private collections, outlining an exciting panorama of artists close to the themes and emotional atmosphere of Puccini. Boldini, Previati, Chini, Nomellini, Cremona, Michetti, Conconi, Troubetzkoy, Wild, Cappiello, De Servi, Discovolo, Pagni, Fanelli, Rietti, De Albertis, Crossbowmen, Andreotti, Hohenstein, Metlicovitz and Nunes Vais are just some of the artists where you can admire the works in the exhibition, dedicated to the memory of Simonetta Puccini.


Fondazione Centro Studi Ragghianti – Via San Micheletto n. 3 – Lucca | Italy



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