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An exhibition dedicated to the historic Art Printworks Lithograph Angeli, which played a large role in Lucca for more than four decades, since the 1960s, thanks to Giuliano Angeli, and became an important link with artists from Tuscany and beyond.

The exhibition traces the history of an all-Italian company. The printing house was born, in fact, in 1948, in the Via della Zecca, founded by father Giulio Angeli, who acquired a lithographic press and began work creating printed and labels for companies.

Giuliano Angeli took over the printing in the 1960s and began operating with the painters of Lucca approaching drawing on stone, in view of the need to make art more accessible and responding to the curiosity manifested by an ever wider audience of fans.

In the exhibition are exposed around sixty lithographs, among the most significant and technically complex printed by Angeli, prints a colour lithograph, lithographic records progressive, lithographic stones, photographic documentation and the star press with the original equipment used by Giuliano Angeli (printing, inks, tools, paper …).

The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue documenting the history of Angeli and the works on display.


Fondazione Ragghianti, Via San Micheletto 3, Lucca | Italy


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