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This exhibition is dedicated to works from the Archivio di Nuova Scrittura or ANS (New Writing Archive), that has been entrusted to the Museion’s care by Paolo Della Grazia. The aim of the show is to highlight the Archive’s variegated nature and encourage the public to explore it by means of search and contextualisation tools.

In addition to the section dedicated to concrete poetry, visual poetry and works from the Fluxus movement, for the first time ever, Dick Higgins’ room installation Poema d’aria ∕ Luftsymphonie will be reconstructed at Museion. For the occasion the pavilion created by Dan Graham for the Sonic Youth exhibition at Museion in 2008 will also be re-installed. This will house audio and video works that echo the works of the same authors presented on the walls outside. A section of the exhibition will be designed as an accessible archive featuring printed, photographic and video documentation and the digital catalogue created in collaboration with the Bruno Kessler Foundation will also be available for consultation.

Curated by Letizia Ragaglia, in collaboration with Andreas Hapkemeyer, Elena Bini, Frida Carazzato and Giorgio Zanchetti.

Image: Lamberto Pignotti, La rivoluzione toglie il dolore (detail), 1965. Fondazione Museion / Collezione Archivio di Nuova Scrittura. Foto: Augustin Ochsenreiter


Piazza Piero Siena, 1

39100 Bolzano



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