UNIFORM: INTO THE WORK / OUT OF THE WORK is the new exhibition project of Fondazione MAST. Curated by Urs Stahel, it is dedicated to work uniforms and it shows, through over 600 pictures by great international photographers, the many types of clothing worn by workers in different historical, social and professional contexts. Designed to distinguish those who wear them, on the one hand uniforms signal membership of a category, an order or a corps, without distinction of class or background, on the other hand they can also highlight the wearer’s separation from the community. The word “uniform” simultaneously reveals inclusion and exclusion.

UNIFORM: INTO THE WORK / OUT OF THE WORK includes a group exhibition on work uniforms in the images of 44 photographers and a solo exhibition by Walead Beshty that brings together hundreds of portraits of art world insiders, whose extremely diverse, unconventional professional clothing seems to comply with a sort of tacit code of the anti-uniform.

Images: André Gelpke, Untitled, from the series “Sex Theater und Karneval”, 1980 © André Gelpke / Switzerland;
Walead Beshty, Nonprofit Founder/Artist, Oak Park, Illinois, September 19, 2008 © Walead Beshty and Regen Projects, Los Angeles

Fondazione MAST

via Speranza 42

I-40133 Bologna, Italy


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