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Fondazione Giorgio Cini: Scholarship for the study of 20th-century glass-making art in Venice

Thanks to the contribution of Pentagram Stiftung, the Fondazione Giorgio Cini offers 1 six-month residential scholarship for the purpose of studying 20th-century glass-making art in Venice. The scholarship is worth 6,200 euros (gross sum) and covers accommodation for 6 months at the Vittore Branca Center Residence.

Part of the Stanze del Vetro project, the scholarship will be awarded to an Italian or foreign undegraduate or graduate student (PhD or postdoc) wishing to spend six months doing research at the Glass Study Center/Institute of Art History from November 2021 onwards.

Candidates shall propose a research topic preferably focused on the archives and documents of the Glass Study Center (http://archivi.cini.it/cini-web/centrostudivetro/home.html).


Application deadline: 31 August 2021


Download the announcement here

Info: centrobranca@cini.it

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