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After the success in Singapore, on the occasion of the Formula 1 Grand Prix, the project “Gradazioni di luce. Geographies of looks between history and contemporaneity ”arrives from 19 October 2019 to 19 January 2020 at the Dino Zoli Foundation in Forlì, presented in its entirety.

The exhibition, promoted by DZ Engineering and Fondazione Dino Zoli, is curated by Gigliola Foschi and Nadia Stefanel with works created for the occasion by Alessandra Baldoni, Luca Gilli, Cosmo Laera, Luca Marianaccio, Lucrezia Roda and Pio Tarantini, six Italian photographers who have become spokesmen in the world of culture, history and the richness of the places that characterize our country.

«The six authors – explains Nadia Stefanel – have been invited by DZ Engineering and the Dino Zoli Foundation, cultural reference point of Dino Zoli Group, to photograph twelve historical and contemporary sites illuminated by DZ Engineering, from Castel del Monte and the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia to the architecture of the chemical Pole of Ferrara and of the Mapei Stadium of Reggio Emilia. A work on commission, deliberately entrusted to artists belonging to different generations, that has become “something else”: each author has in fact put in his/her photographic shots their research, and art, offering the insight into a country capable of looking to the future without forgetting one’s own history ».

“Twelve places – adds Gigliola Foschi – interpreted and narrated chasing a light that reveals and reveals, observed in the dilated time of twilight, a moment of change and intimacy, suspended between day and night, between a natural light in decline and an artificial light that advances and creates new relationships “.

The exhibition itinerary will also include numerous explanatory panels that will illustrate the sites of interest from a historical-artistic and architectural point of view, but also through the interventions and projects carried out by DZ Engineering.

«We hope – concludes Monica Zoli and Roberto Grilli, respectively CEO and General Manager of DZ Engineering – that the exhibition is able to arouse the interest of visitors, showing them how lighting can make the difference in the enhancement of different locations , from cathedrals to historic buildings, from football stadiums to international racing circuits, from ports to industrial areas, to life ”

Curators: Gigliola Foschi and Nadia Stefanel

Fondazione Dino Zoli

viale Bologna 288

Forlì, Italy


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