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Together with the Bologna Fine Arts Academy, the Vittorio Zironi Museum of Textiles and Upholstery and the Bologna Museums / Civic Museums of Ancient Art , Dino Zoli Textile and Dino Zoli Foundation present a project dedicated to living that will embrace art and design, imagination and memory.

Through the project “È QUI. Un percorso fra luoghi, persone e arte” the Dino Zoli Group once again promotes initiatives aimed at enhancing the relationship between art, new generations and business. The collector is the Dino Zoli Foundation, a cultural reference point for the corporate group, which in 2018 launched the “Who’s next” program to support and promote emerging creativity.

On display in a new and engaging display you will see the 29 original seats, born from the meeting between the students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, the boys of the social cooperatives “La Fraternità” and “Arca di Noè” of Bologna and the experience, the professionalism of Dino Zoli Textile that has transformed the graphic signs of young people into patterns printed on fabrics.

Curated by Nadia Stefanel and Vanna Romualdi


Fondazione Dino Zoli

Viale Bologna, 288

47122 Forlì FC, Italy




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