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The exhibition dedicated to one of the greatest representatives of conceptual art, with interventions by the stage designer Margherita Palli, organized in close collaboration with the artist.

Through an impressive selection of works, chosen and installed with the Turin-based artist, Del bello ideale covers his entire career of fifty-seven years, displaying masterpieces, some of his famous self-portraits, and three new site-specific works.

Paolini responded to the invitation of the Fondazione Carriero and has been personally involved in creating this exhibition while engaging in an introspective act, in a process of inner reading, and in some cases rereading, of his practice. The dialogue with the curator Francesco Stocchi has given life to a non-chronological itinerary based on themes that unfold in the venue and relate to the architecture. This allows visitors to pinpoint Paolini’s poetics and simplify its comprehension. Through this act, the exhibition “takes apart” Paolini’s work, dissecting it while adopting the same theoretical and formal approach the artist uses in his works and his way of dealing with art. There are three theme groups that have been singled out in the itinerary.

The stage designer Margherita Palli was invited to dialogue with the artist’s body of work and to create interventions that “stage” the themes of the exhibition and which, by drawing upon Paolini’s same sources and some works from his private collection, may offer visitors the opportunity to enter his world and take part in this introspective journey.

The exhibition is made possible thanks to a close collaboration with Giulio Paolini and the Fondazione Giulio e Anna Paolini as well as loans from prestigious public institutions and important private collections.

Curated by Francesco Stocchi

Fondazione Carriero, Via Cino del Duca 4, 20122 Milan | Italy


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