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From Kandinsky to Nolde presents seventy works of art of outstanding quality from the period of German expressionism. It incorporates works of art collected partly by Anna and Gabriele Braglia as well as by Renate and Friedrich Johenning, whose private collection will be seen for the very first time by the general public. This dialogue between the Braglia Collection in Lugano and the Stiftung Renate und Friedrich Johenning in Düsseldorf represents an important cultural encounter and exchange between the North (Germany) and the South (Italian Switzerland) through a common shared passion: the love for German art of the early 20th century. The exhibition is a true highlight for any art lovers of German expressionism and those who would like to discover it. Thanks to the temporary merge of the two collections, visitors will gain a comprehensive and somewhat unique insight into this fascinating and vibrant art period.

Fondazione Gabriele e Anna Braglia, Riva Antonio Caccia 6a, 6900 Lugano | Switzerland




Wassily Kandinski Murnau – Due case (1908). Oil on carton 32.5×44.5 cm. Fondazione Braglia.

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